Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January 2018

As you might already know from reading my 2018 post every month I will be working on a habit, give up a food, create a garment, read a book, try something new, and work on my 365 photo challenge. So the following are my reasoning behind each of them for the month of January. 

   To begin the new year I decided to start with drinking apple cider vinegar every morning.
I've read and heard a lot about the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar every day. I've read that it helps you lose weight if you drink before every meal, but I'm going to start with once every morning. The benefits I'm most interested in are improving my skin health, lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure and promotes weight loss. I don't suffer from blood pressure or cholesterol but it does run in my family so I want to begin preventing it. I do however suffer from acne and scarring, and like I've mentioned I've gained some pounds so this will hopefully help with that. So that's the first habit I will be working on.

Giving Up
  I decided to give up Hot Cheetos because I have a great love for them. Hot Cheetos have been a part of my life for the past 15 years, and I know how unhealthy it is for me but I can't seem to stop eating them ! I crave them all the time, everyone always gives me a small bag, specially when they want something or when they want to do something nice for me. Hot Cheetos are to me is what coffee is to most people. You fucked me over? Chance are I'll forgive you if your apology is accompanied with a bag of Hot Cheetos, they are my weakness, but I must overcome that weakness and gain control of it! I don't want to be a slave to that traitorous powdery chili ! I no longer want to have a permanent red thumb and index finger! So here's to a Hot Cheetos free January !! I've already told everyone about it so they don't buy me a bag anymore lol funny thing is I had a bag on the first that I hadn't finished, and I have such a supporting group that they all offered to take it off my hands, don't I have the best group of friends ever ?*

 For my first sewing project I want to take on a long sleeve! I chose a long sleeve because it's getting colder here in SoCal but not cold enough to wear a heavy jacket, a long sleeve and a a sweater does just fine during the day. The only thing is, maybe I'm shopping in all the wrong places but, all the cute long sleeves I see are crop tops -___- how is that even going to keep me warm if it doesn't cover my entire torso ? like how even ?! So I decided to work on my own, hopefully I can master a long sleeve! 

The first book I chose is "The Beautiful and Damned" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have recently finished rereading "The Great Gatsby" and I must say I had my own issues with it, but overall I really enjoyed it. Because I liked it so much I wanted to read another book by FSF and decided on "The Beautiful and Damned". If you guys want me to write a review of the book or give you a synopsis, let me know in the comments and I will make a post about it, I will probably make it anyway, just saying. 

Photo Challenge

The daily challenge for this month is as follows:

Day 1          Beginning                       Day 17           A sound 
Day 2          Resolutions                    Day 18           C is for 
Day 3          Healthy                          Day 19           Contentment
Day 4          Hot Drinks                      Day 20           Something big
Day 5          Magic                            Day 21            Sleep
Day 6          Blue                              Day 22           Zoom in 
Day 7          Cold                               Day 23           Frosty 
Day 8          Sunrise                          Day 24           Something I made
Day 9          Boats                             Day 25           Transportation
Day 10         Dark                              Day 26           Low angle
Day 11         Cozy                               Day 27           Ordinary
Day 12         Black and white              Day 28           Strangers
Day 13         A beautiful sight             Day 29           What is it?
Day 14         Dreams                          Day 30            Negative space
Day 15         Ice                                  Day 31            Childhood memory 
Day 16         Someone I care about

I took this from Photoblog365, they made a calendar for 2017 and I just copied it onto here. If you want to do the same click on the link to get the google drive document. I didn't make one up since there are so many out there. I will post my pictures at the end of the week, or maybe every other week. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I don't care what anybody says about new year new me goals being overrated ! If some people need a new year to work on themselves then you do you booboo !! Shit's better than staying the same right ? I've separated my yearly goal, which I hope to achieve by the end of the year and what I want to work on monthly. This is still under construction as you can tell because I don't know what I want to work on past July and I'm not sure where I will be in life.     

Year Goals
Learn French
Go on a two week trip
V/Blog weekly 
Start fashion program 
Get a new car
Live a healthier lifestyle
Become a better photographer
Be more productive

Break habit or form new one 
Give up something to eat for that month
Sew a garment
Read a book 
Go somewhere or try something new- this will be spontaneous
365 photo project by monthly theme 

Jan-    Drink apple cider vinegar in the morning  
           No hot Cheetos 
           Long sleeve 
          "The Beautiful and Damned"

Feb-   Wash face at night  
          No pizza
          "Of Mice and Men"

Mar-    Wake up/get up at 5 am
          No fries
          "The 4 Hour Workweek"

April-   Go to the gym
           No chicken wings
          "Think and Grow Rich"

May-   Stretch for 5 mins in the morning and meditate for 5 mins at night
          No alcohol
         "Lord of the Flies"

June-  Drink 8 cups of water
           No chocolate

July-  Clean an area or for 10 mins
  Tank top
   "10 Second Philosophy"

Aug-   Start a gratitude journal
          Eating out during the week
   "Guns, Germs and Steel"

Sept-  Eat smaller portions




Friday, December 29, 2017

FF: Sherpa or Shearling ?

So I'm creating a blogpost schedule and I decided that Fridays are for fashion !
I want to start posting fashion related entries such as my fave ootds of the week, what I want, fashion shows that stood out to me, trends I see, my own outfits, fashion knowledge, history anything really !
For my first Fashion Friday entry I want to write about a question I had which is:

What is the Difference Between Sherpa and Shearling?
  • I found a great explanation about this on Orvis.com, but basically the difference is Sherpa is real sheepskin and Shearling is faux sheepskin made up of polyester, acrylic, or cotton. 

According to Orvis, "Shearling sheepskin is the skin of a shearling lamb that’s tanned, processed, and dyed with the wool still intact.. While the term ‘shearling’ is somewhat fluid, there is one rule that must be followed: the sheepskin must be processed, tanned, and dyed with the wool intact. A stitched-in wool layer, whether genuine or faux, is not true shearling."
"Sometimes called ‘faux shearling,’ the synthetic material is made from polyester, acrylic, or cotton. Sherpa mimics the bumpy texture of sheep’s wool. The faux-sheepskin fabric is often used to line coats because it performs wonderfully in freezing temperatures. The dense pile of the lightweight material insulates against the cold without bulk, for a high-performance alternative to fur or sheepskin. "

I read that sherpa is actually better for keeping warm than shearling. Both are not great for wearing in the rain if its on the outside, but great for inside lining. 

Now that I know the difference, I can say that I've been looking for a sherpa denim jacket everywhere and can't find a good one. If you have any suggestions let me know ! 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Moti Quote

This is the perfect motivational quote to kick start my week ! 

Yesterday, Monday,  I went to the gym with my best friend. We took a Zumba class !!
My best friend has been going to the gym for a while now, not so consistently but for sure waaaay more than I have. Funny story, we both joined the gym last year to lose weight for her wedding. While I gained instead of lost, she lost so much weight for her wedding, I was so proud. I always tell her to tell me when she goes in the afternoon but more often than not I bail, but not anymore !! I'm more motivated now ! Doing this for me ! Aaaaand if I'm being real, I was starting to tell someone about my plan and how hopefully my meeting with HR would motivate me to start my blog, and even before I started to tell them what I was actually going to do they said, "I doubt it will motivate you". It frustrated me so much. Here I was sharing my thoughts with someone I cared for and they immediately discouraged me without hearing me out. And then they wonder why I don't open up, b*tch I'm sensitive !
"To all the nay sayers I say nay !"
Let's get this sweat on !!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Let us walk not run

I heard someone say that instead of tackling everything at once, it was best to tackle one thing at a time. So for the month of December, the first excuse I'm tackling and habit I'm working on is, drrrrrrrrrrumb roll please...........  

Losing Weight by Working out 3 Times a Week.

I've had a gym membership for a over a year now, and I'm pretty sure I've gone about 30 days in total. I'm basically throwing away my money, so I either start going to the gym or I cancel the membership and workout some other way, but since just two days ago the gym charged me for this month, I might as well start working on that habit.

First I'll start by working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I will either run, use some machines at the gym or take a Zumba class.
Next I will also start eating out less times a week, I'll start by not eating out during the week.
during the week I'll start incorporating more fruits and vegetables, and healthier alternatives.
Wish me strength! 

Current Weight: 150 lbs
End of Month Goal Weight: 145 lbs

Here are my measurements

ps I took this chart from google images and inserted my own measurements.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

First step and I'm already trippin'

So as you already know, from reading The Backstory, I'm changing my life!

First things first, a list of habits I want to begin with

  • Drink more Water
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
  • Work out 3-5 times a week
  • Cook my meals the night before
  • Tidy up 15 mins a day or an area a day
  • Express my creativity once a week---> eventually everyday 
  • Document everyday, even if I don't post it
  • Wash my face every night
  • Dress up for myself once a week 
  • Document and share a post once a week
  • Spend less money on the unnecessary 
  • Save for adventure!
  • Read a book a month
  • Listen to more podcast
  • Make new friends that inspire me
  • Meet new people, network 
  • Do something by myself once a week

Ok I think thats enough for now. For the next months, I will be working on these habits, a couple at a time. I will be sharing pictures, thoughts throughout the day, and various other things, I will simply be documenting everything, the good, the bad and maybe not the ugly, (you'll thank me later lol) so that whoever is reading this can hold me accountable.

Let's do it !

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Backstory

I decided to start my blog today because I had a meeting with HR this morning. All last week I had been worried about being fired and not knowing what to do about money. But at the same time I felt a sense of relief. I've been working for little over a year in a job that was meant to be temporary. So temporary I have to renew my application every year. When I first started working it was the perfect job for me. It didn't require any form of commitment, I have weekends off, my schedule is flexible, most days I'm out by 3 and best of all I don't have to take my work home! It was perfect! It meant that once I was out, I was OUT and I could focus on starting a fashion blog and getting my foot in the door. But that didn't happen.

Soon after starting my new job, I had a major emotional setback, I lost my best friend, my partner in life and a part of myself. I had found out my boyfriend of 10 years had been cheating on me with another girl for over a year and had had other sidechicks for the past 5 years. I felt lost and was an emotional wreck, a whole decade of my life had been a lie and now it was down the drain.
The worst part about the break up wasn't realizing that love wasn't there 
but that it meant losing my best friend. 
It took me about 3 months to be at peace with the realization that the love we once had for each other wasn't and wouldn't be there again. It took me those same 3 months to finally break up the relationship and move on, but it has taken me a little while longer to replace my best friend.

We had been attached to the hip for 10 years and now I found myself alone. I had other friends and close family members, but not like him. He was the only person I shared absolutely everything with, he never judged me, and always motivated me. I could've continued being his friend, but everyone frowned upon it, and it wasn't long until I was emotionally involved with someone else that I had to cut all contact with my ex. Although I felt like I could remain friends with my ex, my new beau didn't agree (which is understandable). But I hated it. I hated the fact that people didn't understand our friendship.

Although I tried for long periods of times to avoid any form of contact with him, we somehow always  ended up venting to each other and bouncing off ideas with one another. Every time I felt guilty, not because I felt like I was cheating, but because I knew my beau would see it that way. I hated that he didn't believe me when I told him that it wasn't more than a friendship.

My new beau was close to perfect! But my inability to open up to people was getting in the way of my relationship. Sharing thoughts and feelings with my loved ones frightens me! I hate the thought of rejection, judgement, and criticism by people close to me. I don't mind criticism from strangers because they don't know me so who cares. But people that know you can hurt you more than a stranger! Slowly but surely I've opened up to my new beau, our communication has gotten better, its not perfect but its getting there.

So now fast forward to present day, here I am writing this intro, after my meeting with hr. Good news is I didn't get fired, bad news is they've cut back my hours aaaaaand my car needs a new battery. Now if you know anything about cars a new battery isn't that big of deal, but if its a hybrid battery damn! $3k+ ! And I already don't have money, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, here I am carless and working part-time.  Anyway, that's enough background information y'all need to know on why it's time for a change, so lets begin a new post on the new habits I want and the steps I'm thinking of taking for this life changing experience.